EM Updates December 5th, 2012

Dear Carol,
Since 2000 I’ve been involved immigrating a few Iraqi families into the US and Canada, getting them settled, through their postgraduate degrees, and established into society here. My attention has been on the crisis in the Middle East and with Islam which I’ve studied quite extensively. Now that these families are secure I have just returned my attention to the ET issues over the past few weeks. Your group was first contacted and I checked in to see how it was progressing – getting familiar with the latest news and postings. There was a topic on the forum asking for references to the “credibility of UFO-logists” and I mentioned Steven Greer. At first I thought people on the forum were just naive so I attempted to share a little of my personal experiences. I had been involved with Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project going back decades as he had published years earlier than Marshall – but mention of him on your forum caused a hostile reaction which prompted me to investigate why? Now I see why – for example: [  ]  which is co-incident with current activities of Steven Greer’s CSETI project and the upcoming release of a feature length movie. It seems like someone is playing the “ET Two Step” here between the “CE5 Initiative” and the “ET Intervention” and the “Allies of Humanity”. 50 years of personal research and work with the ET issues along with related studies cross referencing all related sciences-  as well as direct encounters and communication with ET contacts puts me way out of the picture on your forum. If there is anything here that you find needing attention or correction – you have my details to resolve – whatever – the competing issues on this subject. I already know where I stand on it with abundant first hand facts and experiences. There is a point where the subject becomes much too dangerous to play games with. This is where I bow out of any uninformed or biased discussion.
Best Regards,

Dear Ellen and Carol,
Regarding: Forum Rules and Guidelines

Moderation should include censoring:

Homophobic Xenophobic ET-Phobic Other-Phobic Misogyny Sexism Racism Paranoiac Bigotry or any other form of the definition of what is biased, discriminatory, evil, profane and obscene.

Any and all forms of expression advocating separatism fear paranoia hatred hostility and violence toward any form of “life in the universe” or suggestion of such covertly cloaked within any forum, dialogue or discussion represents unacceptable behavior. Especially in what is touted as a genuinely religious message or sacred setting – could in no way reflect a Knowledge or Understanding of God.

Knowledge is not synonymous with superstitious beliefs, ignorance and bigotry.

Any suggestion of the above is suspect and an indication of false purposes, evil intentions, misrepresentation and fraud – especially if claimed in the name of God.

This is the essential criteria and the self-discipline that is required for addressing the most critical issues regarding ET relations and the future of humanity.

Students should be apprised of this as a prerequisite.


Dear Carol,

Some examples:

Exhibit 1:

Advocacy and preparation against the Intervention is a must and it begins here, in our “home”, so I invite everyone to listen to this:
It’s S.Greer talking about the CE-5 initiative.
It is a dangerous project that aims at putting as many humans as possible in direct contact with extraterrestrial entities.
In the best case it is an irresponsible and reckless initiative done with a good intention; in the worst case it is a specific program of the Intervention that is aimed at increasing the number of humans they can reach and manipulate.
In any case it WILL increase the number of humans that will be manipulated by the Intervention.
It is exactly what the Allies’ Briefings and the New Message warn us about.
There is absolutely no way that anyone who has read, studied and understood the Allies’ Briefings and the New Message would be in favor of this initiative.
Immediate advocacy against it needs to be taken (which I will personally do right now).
I invite all fellow students to share as many insights as possible about this on this thread.


EM Updates November 10th, 2012

EM1211103:55pm    Re: Step 17

“Today I want to hear the Truth”

Essentially this would come as an appreciation of the bigger picture beyond the limitations of self-interests. To hear the full context of an all embracing Knowledge that puts our limited self-concerns and mundane considerations aside and reveals their pettiness in light of our more sacred purpose and mission for being in this world to be of service to others not just ourselves. If we try to fit this in terms of just ourselves we have put the full import of what we are experiencing within a set of personal blinders. The very fact that we are here with a human life in this world and recognize that there is a message and understanding available to us honors the extraordinary nature of beingness and existence amidst all those natural and God given factors that make this experience possible. There is an amazing opportunity for us in this Knowledge. We should count our blessings to be able to hear this greater calling for the majority of the people in this world are nowhere near as fortunate. This alone should make us grateful no matter how we might self-estimate ourselves. We are responding to The New Message by embarking on The Steps to Knowledge that have been presented to us through MVS as the Messenger for the Greater Community Way of Knowledge. We should desire to hear this no matter what our personal circumstances and confusions. This message is as clear as it could ever be for us. How could it be otherwise once the bigger picture is recognized for what it is as the Truth? At some point it becomes more than obvious.

EM1211036:52pm    Re: Knowledge

All impressions just dimly seen to better define themselves by practicing attentive stillness as with meditation. Sensory stimulation from the world and external sources are overwhelming and just blind you to your inner truths. In stillness we quiet them and insulate our deeper perception to allow the quiet soft inner voice to speak to us and with recognition we can hear and cultivate this inner Knowledge. Once we come to realize this an inherent connection is made which prompts us to continue to make use of it. We instinctively know that we can return to this state of divine communion. It becomes the most intimate relationship of our lives.

EM1211057:57am    Re: Separation

We want to be our own person amidst others who want to control us so in this case separation is a defensive state of mind. We want be free to express our self determination. I can not dwell on the past other than associating my past with an evolving wisdom. Of course we use our memory to establish our credentials and to distinguish what is mine from what is anothers. This becomes our sense of identity. I have never been able to capitalize on my separateness but it does create the time to be alone with my private meditation study and thoughts.

EM1211054:42pm    Toss of the Dice

“The world into which the creator has sent you”

Given a real understanding of your purpose and real experience of its meaning.

At what point in human conception do we consider our true destiny as a viable human being? So often is the case that our pregnancy was considered an accident in the matter of to be or not to be it seems just an act of fate so simple is the circumstance like the throwing of a switch either on or off or the toss of the dice probabilistically we are born into this world without a second thought. What kind of divine purpose can manifest from such ignorance and irresponsibility? Where does this understanding lead us?

EM1211057:05pm    Existential Factors

Here I am such as I am. It is not beneficial to dwell on the circumstances of my birth beyond the fact that it happened and it is up to me to make sense out of it. Circumstantial people will be what they will be but out of this matrix I am a person. The very capacity to be and for all circumstantial realities comes from the Creator and each part and parcel of creation has a reason to be and a living purpose. At the most basic level form (creature) follows function (purpose) in intelligent creation and so this becomes our focus as human beings. All other factors and descriptions of existence are relative to this basic understanding. It is sufficient to accept that one is as a matter of fact and proceed from there. Form follows function in every particular and complex manifestation. We could spend our lives discussing the merits of our circumstances and blaming others for what we consider our condition but doing so will never go anywhere in light of the divine reality of our being whatever those circumstances might be or were. The present moment is what is such as it is and how we negotiate our present moment situation has a direct bearing on our future.

EM1211061:52am    Re: Desire for Separation

Step 13:In a hostile or abusive relationship separation is defensive just as a fact of life especially when these threats go back into one’s childhood. It is OK to generalize here. If one feels unsafe or threatened one individuates and seeks security through separation. This is demonstrated all the time in the nature of hostile or abusive relationships. There is also a natural process through which the child establishes their own boundaries in order to define themselves and to operate independently. I suppose this is a basic urge to be free but it is also a developmental process that establishes one’s personal role in life.  In terms of society and the world at large we live in a multifaceted environment which is a very confused and conflicted place historically where there is a sort of organized chaos with all these religious political and philosophical groups which have evolved with myriad traditions of incomplete and superstitious knowledge and strange practices and ideas in which we find ourselves situated even compelled to be and act in certain authoritarian ways that are unnatural to our own sense of well being and righteousness. We separate or individual from such contexts as part of an evolving process. This is a very complicated social complex. Our intelligence and ethical sense informs this desire for separation in order for us to do what we think is genuine natural and right in order to participate in something more enlightened, more true and in concert with knowledge and the facts of existence, in the reality of God as we experience them the truth in contrast with superstition and oppressive controls over our sense of person. In this separation we are striving to establish a more perfect union of enlightened souls as an evolving maturing process. If we see this separation as a source of pain trails and tribulation it is only logical that we would do this to the degree that we can make progress in our own estimation. In this way we seek security and freedom to choose our destiny for ourselves and our posterity into a more enlightened and satisfying world. This would also apply to criminality where one seeks to be free of prosecution for ones moral crimes especially in a draconian society full of abusive laws and regulations. We seek separation as a reprieve from a suppressive environment where unity could only be achieved through social reforms evolved through separation.

EM1211074:00pm    Ethics and Morality in Perspective

Draconian methods of mind control are merely hegemonic crimes against humanity and violations of God ordained and Divinely inspired inalienable rights of free will and self-determinism. Such conditions are lorded over by psychopaths, demons and monsters who are nothing but a scourge and a blight on evolving social systems and civilizations in general.

EM1211076:18pm    Transcendence

Perhaps we defeat ourselves by misunderstanding our place in this world and by measuring our self-worth according to the wrongly assumed standards or measures of success. For example comparing our lives to those of the “rich and famous” or our peer group social status. The question being what is our net worth? One might imagine being just about anything or fantasize in this way or that – we consider our purpose to indulge entertainments and waste our lives in pursuits of this kind, in doing actions that make this kind of life possible. Transcendence implies a higher calling according to an inherent sense of purpose and value. Perhaps our place is to spend our life in contemplative meditation in preparation for a posthumous accomplishment for which we live an extraordinarily humble life. What would be the harm in this beyond what others might expect of us? My inherent motivation is to gain Knowledge and Wisdom as a quest that accomplishes a mystical result or value that cannot be measured by materialistic standards. I have observed that achievements in this world are merely self-illusions and have no lasting value. One is afraid of death out of ignorance and a sense of failure when no such condition actually exists outside of our self-delusions. We are tempted or coerced to conform to meaningless desires and passions. Circumstances in this world are overwhelming and one needs a intrinsic compass which shows the way through our lives without getting lost in personal confusions. The pursuit of Knowledge and Wisdom cannot be a waste of time but rather a preparation for a more transcendent understanding through which we then come to know who we really are and what we are divinely invested to accomplish after being born into this world. There is no greater meaning to our lives or personal satisfaction than this.

EM1211076:40pm    Area of Confusion

Personal confusion is related to one’s sense of being, inherent purpose, and the compelling circumstances of our birth. Education is essential to dispelling ignorance and personal misunderstandings. As a child we are born to learn and develop our knowledge understanding and skills to accomplish our inherent purpose in this life. There are many external challenges but the common denominator of our experience for better or for worse in overcoming them resides in the quality of our education. We are falsely diagnosed with some deficiency or learning disability by others who are responsible for providing this for us when we are children. For example dysfunctional families or a society that is fundamentally insane that acts to condemn us for its conflicts and abuses. We are most successful if we come to realize and overcome these personal liabilities without resentment or hate. Genuine religion as Knowledge embraces this kind of unconditional love and understanding. This is where true wisdom resides.

EM1211076:43pm     Blind Faith

Is merely ignorance and superstition. It will not get you anywhere in reality! Knowledge is the key to genuine wisdom and understanding.

EM1211092:17am     Step 16

I am chronically anxious to do things in a constant rush because events, including thought streams, stream by so quickly and my memory is so defective that I’m concerned I’ll miss the significance of the moment before I can “record” it. This is so true in journaling or writing down what I’m thinking or mentally streaming before I lose my train of thought and miss the point of it all.

I am concerned about capturing significant mental impressions so that I can adequately describe and define their meanings in words in order to record and communicate them in the most intelligible ways. There is this constant subtle flow guided by intuition that is quicksilver in the mind’s eye always pregnant with metaphysical meaning needing interpretation. It takes constant and vigilant practice to refine this process of revelation that is always streaming in the background. Over the years of this practice I am improving my ability to capture these impressions as they pass by before they are lost in space and time. There is a relevance to these thoughts relative to the direction of circumstantial experiences from each sequential present moment between past and future. Perhaps it is just the ego that generates this paranoia but I just don’t want to miss the boat or point of this ever present phenomena that is occurring in my mind. As I capture these with journaling an evolving bigger picture is revealed. And so it goes!  The main consideration is that something extremely precious is happening throughout all of this that is existentially and critically important to my “mission” in this lifetime here on earth.

EM1211092:37am    Study Steps

Wisdom now dictates that if the New Message readings seem muddled or meaningless it is due to something in my mind that is rendering them unclear. Bypassing these phenomena in my study progress is irresponsible when what is required is to examine why this confusion is occurring. The problem is not the Message text itself or any personal disagreement but rather something that I do not understand in what I am reading. The potential clarity is inherent in the New Message and this will be realized time and time again once my subjective confusion is clarified. This requires working on myself as that is where the confusion is coming from not the Message itself. It is something coming from within my mind that is obscuring a clear understanding of what I’m reading. Once these personal issues are addressed the process of revelation becomes crystal clear. By understanding the wisdom in this entire one has a tool with which to study and connect to Knowledge which is the focus of The Steps and the purpose behind these teachings.

EM1211092:57am    The Foundational Step

Rests in an understanding, appreciation and conviction of the validity and authenticity of The New Message and MVS’s role as The Messenger. Every other personal consideration falls by the wayside once this is genuinely realized. The student of these teachings can then dispense with all the excess baggage that they have brought with them to this study leaving them free and clear to progress in a way that is most natural to them as a person. Realization of this is a priceless gift!

Peace be unto you!

And good health……..

EM1211092:38am    Anxiety

Is driven by the mesmeric temptations presented to one living in this world. These distract us from our divine inherent purpose for being here in the first place and succumbing to the leads us astray and down blind alleys. Upon this foundation we should learn. There are many saints available to assist and guide us along our way should we be attentive enough to listen to what they have to teach us and abide in their wisdom. Shinning brighter than all the rest there is one more specially appropriate to our present times and circumstances and fortunate is the person who comes to find this voice speaking the truth with a greater clarity reaching out to us amidst all the clamor and confusion of this world – peace be upon you who finds this voice. This will be a voice teaching with the clearest and most coherent wisdom appropriate to our present time and place. The better we recognize and understand it the more we realize the relevance of its message. Ones life becomes clearer and less confused and conflicted. These are the indicators that we are on the right Way to Knowledge.

EM1211099:24am    Preparation

“Without preparation you will not achieve anything” is so very true! And what would you expect? I have been preparing all my life and approach most everything I do with this consideration even in this mixed up crazy world with all of its temptations and misdirections keeping this “cultivation practice” is ones inner guide to staying on The Way to Knowledge which is the way of truth. Without is spiritual philosophy one inevitably becomes lost and confused. Staying on this path is also the way of inner revelation. External influences and circumstances will indicate the nature of this world and ones condition of being is reflected in them but they are only reflection of ones inner state of mind. From the things experienced we make our decisions for better or for worse. It is a very complicated and chaotic place in which we find ourselves called to make a positive difference and each present moment as it is presented to us we have a choice free will and self determination to choose what is true from what is false. Pursuit of Knowledge is the Truth for it also informs us of the right decisions to make under any and all circumstances but we need preparation especially in our childhood education and learning years so that we become aware of and will be able to understand to the fullest capacity to follow our intuition and inner guide to the Knowledge which is ever present within us. This represents our inner source of knowing sentience intelligence and meaning for what our experience in life what our purpose intention and motivation is all about and how to direct and use the life force that energizes us to accomplish what we are born into this world to do. It takes years and years of practice to give this intelligible definition and expression.

EM1211097:46pm    Knowledge Activation

Sensations of the body are a gross distraction especially pains and discomforts. All of these somatics contort ones thinking processes. So I am reading the Steps and considering my responses. Along with this I am reading Greater Community Spirituality chapter by chapter. The question is what is the point of reading these teachings in isolation? What benefit could there be if the buck stops with me? I am in the later chapter of my life. What do I have to do with this? I keep on writing and writing my thoughts in response to what I am reading because that is all that I seem to be able to do. We might imagine finding a constructive connection to Knowledge and once that is actively established then a personal revelation might come through that will clarify my situation. At the moment I don’t have any further inspiration to work with. This Step encourages one to be conscientious and patient and to persist one step at a time. It is projected to take a year first time through. I don’t understand why I am feeling so disconnected at the end of these recent days. All my past interests and attachments seem to be just fading away leaving me in an uninspired void with nothing else to orientate my current life to. I must be patient. There have been a lot of life changing changes over the course of this past year. I must be patient. Something is promised if I just continue with the Steps. One step at a time day by day with almost a whole year to go. Last year was very dramatic. This new year is seeming like a meaningless void. All the past habits and attachments are no longer interesting. The people around me no longer make sense in any relative way. The whole world looks like it is crashing. Family and friends are dying off or just fading away. What has gone unsaid between us no longer matters. I must be patient and just continue with the Steps. Before I was looking for The Answer but now that I have hypothetically found it everything including my search for that answer has no further value. I must be patient and deal with this depression. I feel like I am only waiting for something momentous to happen. I must wait patiently and not attempt to second guess the outcome days weeks and months from now. I will not project what the future should or will be on past assumptions. I must have faith in the promos that Knowledge can be accomplished. I must be patient. One step and one day at a time. I will not attempt to preconceive what comes next. When I get into a mood like this I should just journal and journal write down my thoughts and considerations. This proved successful in the past and it will serve me now as well. Just keep at it and eventually it will all make better sense.

EM1211097:55pm    Real-time Distractions

My mother is dying, I’ll and in pain but there is nothing I can do for her. My son is depending on me to support him and his interests but he is too old for this and should be making it on his own as I have no more to give him. I should move into a new place but I do not have the motivation or energy to do this now. I am still recovering from the crisis of last year and am in chronic pain. It is hard to even walk. I feel stuck and anxious for some escape. But get away to where? Where ever I go I know I will just drag this physical and mental dilemma with me so moving is not the solution now. The are the present time problems that make it hard to focus or concentrate.

EM1211098:34pm    Faith in Preparation

Obviously we must maintain the essentials of our life and obligations to others we can’t just drop out or go away for some obscure period of time. We must deal with our reality. Our assumptions say we must do this or we must do that otherwise what value are to ourselves and others? But we must put these mundane necessities into a different mental light. And we proceed from there with our preparation. What do we need to accomplish before we die? Such questions are part and parcel to our assumptions about our lives. We must put such assumptions aside otherwise we will not make spiritual progress on our way to Knowledge. There is a promise of achieving something that is currently unknown to us and out of sight. We must have faith in that promise in order to get by. Questions like is our preparation for this life or the next are self-defeating and will only impede us as such is a demonstration of the nature of our past assumptions. We should not now concern ourselves with such questions but dedicate ourselves to our preparation for Knowledge that we do not know or understand at the present time. This is a paradox a mystery in dealing with the unknown. Our past assumptions try to fill that void with preconceptions and expectations and fantasies and self-illusions. This is exactly what the teachings are telling us. We need to recognize these things for what they are and follow what the teachings are advising regarding these mental phenomena. QED such are exactly what the teachings are defining for us. But we must make that association and distinction in our own minds all the while our personal considerations are going but but but but but…. Into eternity. We must set such considerations aside once we recognize the for what they are.

EM1211109:28am    Faith in the New Message

The vast majority of trends on Earth are beyond even ones consideration and so we must confront the world at the personal level as an integral part of the greater whole of humanity and the Greater Community at large. We must recognize the special circumstances of our connection and put the bigger picture in a realistic perspective. Due to the enormity of collective problems that we see today especially through the venues of mass telecommunications and media technologies we are confronted daily with worldly information about situations and circumstances in this world over which we have no personal control. For this overwhelming perspective we must have knowledge of and faith in a higher guiding power. With this New Knowledge we are assured that we have the Allies of Humanity assisting us in our purposeful evolution. We can allow ourselves to participate in ways that are not self-destructive or self-condemning. This faith in a higher power or Knowledge is absolutely vital to our personal and collective survival and accomplishments. If we overwhelm ourselves with concerns over which we have no personal control or responsibility we will only drive ourselves crazy and insane. There is no need for such self-sacrifice in defining our role and purpose here on Earth. The more we come to realize our connection to Knowledge the more we evolve this wisdom in our personal lives and relations. The Messenger provides the proper context I which we can define ourselves in alignment with The New Message and The greater Community Way of Knowledge. No other school of thought today offers this most realistic opportunity. There is no question that these teachings are the most genuine and applicable to our current conditions. A simple logical analysis will clearly demonstrate their validity amidst the circumstances of our place and times.

EM12111010:06am    On the subject of  listening

A primary step is to be able to read and appreciate The New Message as prerequisite to ones own inner connection the study text is instructive to this end. One would need to be able to listen to The New Message first! Study and practice with The New Message will open up your personal inner channel to this source of Knowledge and Self-realization. Ones preparation includes cultivating all aspects of this including and involving study and meditation as well as your evolving relationships with others and The Greater Community. One should take stock of the present situation and resources available to you in the present moment so that you are grasping this new reality in the context of you current real-time circumstances. Whatever exercises your personal reality in this direction is beneficial.

Personal Communications

Why must friends understand you? It seems such a need of yours. They do not ask that you understand them . It would not even occur to them. It is not a one way street or a list of pros and cons. People are all different. Thank God for the differences.

This is a paradoxical question. I actively strive to understand people and friends and I listen to them, accept what they desire to offer as neighbors, friends and associates – it is absolutely necessary to understand one another in order to get along together or do anything. Understanding is the intrinsic value of relationships. Philosophically this has been the case throughout classical history – and how the human race evolves. Understanding is critical to all of this. Now there is such a thing as rejection or denial of understanding and that causes a whole lot of misunderstandings misconceptions and utterly confused and contentious relationships which are totally undesirable. The world is full of illusions as to what this all means. Essentially meaning significance value sense of person and appreciation – all these things are related to understanding. I know that I have been very clearly misunderstood and have been obsessed with correcting this problem. The core of the problem is refused understanding or be characterized by others in ways that just aren’t true – by those who I feel the closest to. It is no longer an obsessive problem for me now. This question is rhetorical – not really a question but a comment and an opinion expressed. I understand that people are entitled to their opinions – but when opinions  don’t match the facts I feel obliged to comment on them with the facts. I think in a very complicated way and it takes considerable self-discipline to think of things to say with all this confusion in the background. Love is understanding and all understanding comes from God most people do not seem to recognize this connection but that is atheistic “old school” materialism and chaos theory today. I am a religious person not because I believe in some mysterious “god” but because I know certain things to be true from experiences that I have had. Does this make sense to you or does it just raise more rhetorical questions?


To my Friend,

I am sorry for reacting like that really. Was in an obsessive state of mind at that moment. I was meditating and became introverted and feeling insecure looking over what I have been doing with my life and my current circumstances, my situation. In reality you are my only and closest friend. When I look at myself I get the sense that I don’t deserve to have friends because I am either defensive and self-conscious when I am with them or I am abusive of their friendship. Always feel like I am pretending. Friendship is like praying in relation to Allah/God is all around you giving everything you can imagine as a potential but you have to prepare yourself to receive and make genuine use of God’s gifts which are also realized in friendship and through loved ones and relationships. You are surrounded by “friends” close to you and through your associations as a family member, University Student, as a Teacher [the best in my experience] and as a person. I have no close  friends [except for you] because it is more comfortable for me to be that way. I get along with people and respond to them as they interact with me in a civil way but I do not get any closer to them. It is a very very lonely way to  be but I’ve been that way since “Kindergarten” so it is what I am used to. There are so many things I could do with friends or close relationships that I cannot do alone and so I do not do them. Perhaps I am being selfish regarding our friendship. I don’t care about money – you know the old saying of the Beatles “money can’t buy you love” and that is true. You are very generous with me and to put things in a proper context I owe you in that sense so my loan is just a compensation in that regard. I am not so secure about my finances – not so much over the immediate years but for several years from now when I look at my future in the proverbial Crystal Ball. I watch my cats and as they are aging so am I – by the time they are “senior citizens” I will be in my mid 70′s. Right now it is getting harder to just walk and there is constant pain although tolerable. I feel I must do something to remedy this situation but there is no one [beyond you] with whom I can associate because of the way I think and the things I think I know – there just is no possible connection – not at least as I see it. I do have connections in this sense over the Internet because there are certainly people out there who are thinking in a similar way. Up close and personal the way I am thinking is getting more and more dangerous because it  goes directly against the system – the establishment, you understand what I am saying! I know that I am seeing things in the right direction – the truth – all the while everyone else is simply going about their business as usual and they are very protective of their illusions of reality. The way it is is the way it is and the way it is supposed to be. It is within ourselves that the most significant changes are happening. It would never be my intention to offend you or to play this “who owes who” card in the game of life. You are free in the same sense that I am free and that freedom is sacred to me. As human beings we are just children when it comes to making friends and decisions but mothers will be mothers and this implies a higher personal responsibility. So you are the one on higher ground in this respect. If you were not my friend it wouldn’t matter to me would it? You would just be another person on the street and I would be utterly lonely. You have claimed loneliness and struggled with your emotions but in relation to me you have a hundred times more friends and your family as a mother and a teacher. You are strong and making this happen as the Will of Allah. My “friends” are just circumstantial in the places where I have lived and worked – they come and go as do our experiences in life and the memories that we cherish – so many people try to hold onto and relive them rather than fully experiencing the present moment. The present moment is all I have and I try to experience it as fully as I can! Philosophically everything resides in the present moment from moment to moment it is within the present moment that we live and experience our lives – memories are just a reflection of what has been. My words here – as they always are intended to be – are just defining my feelings and emotions in the present moment and are perhaps tedious for another to read but are a genuine amplification of what I am experiencing – but who is there to listen and understand them? Another old saying is “if a tree falls in the woods and there is no one there to listen does it make a sound?” as sound can only exist if there is someone there to hear it! That is pretty basic. I like being in the wilderness and woods listening to all the sounds of nature the smells the colors and the energies of living things as well as water earth air fire and sky, the sun moon stars and galaxies – to me this is ecstatic experience. It is my ideal scene. In relationships one must consider these things with a sense of balance between the experience of nature in the wilderness and human relations in society. The society is crazy insane and only our friendship makes sense out of it for me. I hope you understand my intentions even when I start acting crazy. But this should never be construed as a burden on you. Never! I promise.

Love, Chris

Dear Carol,

Thank you for responding. Your suggestions are much appreciated and well received!

It is no problem for me to write the things I do but I can imagine that it is a problem for others to read and understand them.

This is how I study and I simply make a journal of it in this form. I am just emailing a copy.

Like a test tube case for whatever it might be worth to others.

I do this anyway – the writing just flows onto the page.

And I do have a blog or two but it is very complex!

It is out there for anyone to see as my own study and experience progresses.

Have been doing this for many many years.

For now I will not do this unless someone asks me to do so because in my experience I have just ended up offending everyone I know!

Not my intention to say the least.

I am back to the Introduction and first Step.

Will follow your advice!


Worldly Plane

A human life is very short – some lives shorter or longer than others – but human death is inevitable at the end of any given lifetime. That is for each person. The collective life of a species, family, tribe or nation involves other spiritual dynamics. When a person dies, including my death, they leave this earthly plane of physical body manifestation, returning to their spiritual home – that is for certain – wherever that home may be its influence is manifested, if only in subtle ways, over their lives here on Earth.

The paradox in teaching has to do with the dynamics of language and is intimately related to the dynamics of study and practice. How this instrumentality of language works in conjunction with the mind – in this case it would have to be intellectual in format because that is exactly what it is. In study the words evoke the concepts of the study. Human beings have been programmed that way. All studies that involve literature as their means to learning and knowledge conform to this fundamental programming. Words are not the thing – they evoke their meaning as a connection to the realm of the conceptual realities through the use of symbols and abstractions.

Whenever scripture is involved as the mode of teaching this is logically the case no matter what concepts are being taught. In order to fully comprehend their meaning one must experience these concepts which paradoxically are just another level of learning because these concepts have spiritual correspondences that go beyond anything that could be expressed in words or conceptual thoughts – that is – in that level of mind. Knowledge beyond that mind is the great mystery – and will be subjectively realized by the student but could never be qualified or quantified in scripture as that is impossible – as impossibility is a factor of what is infinite and is ineffable – there could never be thoughts or words to define it.

This is the student’s paradox. This earth is just a sandbox! It is a medium for study according to those things that can be studied and this is the reality in which we find ourselves as students. The metaphysical question is “studying what?” What is the subject being studied and for what object? What reason? As the reason is expressed in words this just goes around and around in circular logic. Now it is true that a circle is a symbol for infinity as it has an infinite number of points in its circumference – but that is sacred geometry which can be defined as an illustration of Knowledge. We are still stuck with the great mystery which at the very least indicates that which cannot be known because it is impossible to know it no matter how a student might try – resulting only in an infinite number of possibilities for subjects and objects to be created and a condition where anything goes according to one’s creative abilities.

We must have faith in something beyond all of this!


Dear Carol,

I am revisiting The Steps and attending The New School and Marshall’s New Messages with much appreciation. The message has many dimensions and is circular in effect – for each time you come to the end – you find yourself starting all over again at the beginning but at a different level of appreciation revealing a new set of things to be Known. This is extraordinary as a teaching! Students can begin The Steps from any background or level of understanding. It is a universal teaching in that sense. As I do The Steps an entire universe comes alive in full spectrum effect but in great simplicity of understanding. The process is amazingly profound. What would give me hope is seeing other students responding to the teachings in this way – and expressing it in their lives. I know how I am responding to it and I would wish the same for others. That would give me the greatest gratification. A teaching such as this has to “evolve” into the students consciousness. In the beginning of teachings such as this it is so exciting but there is no qualification – no final test – to test the genuine quality of how and what one is learning at the subjective levels and understanding. It is a most subjective thing. Time and experience evolves the true wisdom. I can only imagine what divine patience a teacher must have in this respect. Patience has never been one of my better virtues. My experience makes me feel the weeping of emotional release followed by tears of joy – something to that effect – those kinds of compassionate emotions. The process induces vivid imagery from my entire life and brings it into a psychic equation. The mind comes alive! If anything it demonstrates the “right direction” for ones life. What more could one ask as a student? The teaching is subjective – accentuating the unique differences and similarities between students and other people. When you first start the study you sense something is happening but you don’t see it clearly enough to know just what it is. It becomes a mystery. As you progress the subject gets clearer until finally you actually know what its about. A faculty of knowing associated with one’s level of literacy and as one’s faculty of literacy grows along with the depth of one’s knowledge with the teachings. A potential to know opens up to you. A person will be attracted to a teaching that suggests this kind of growth and then offers genuine understanding. That is just natural – but only at the right level on a learning gradient appropriate to the student – one for which they are literate enough to comprehend to feel the conceptual effect and then find applicable to their life. In my opinion – if I can figure something out by working through my misunderstandings and misperceptions and come to know these things – it should be a piece of cake for other people! My personal experience directly facilitates this learning process and as students progress this facilitates the learning curve for others either directly or indirectly. It is a win win situation!


The New School of 2012

I am on Step 70 and listening to Marshall’s latest Message from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia today October 21st, 2012AD. It is morning here in Los Angeles and a cool cloudy day…..

My impressions:

Wherever there is the very spark of life and sentient intuition there within resides the Divine Soul as it is the very essence of what and who we are as a living breathing Human Being and as a species. It is our Divine Connection to God as a person. This Soul is God within us. Because it is of Divine Origin it is indestructible! It cannot be destroyed, profaned, condemned or even tarnished – as it is of God.

I have been a long time student of Emanuel Swedenborg’s writings from the 18th Century [amongst so many other teachers]. In these writings he, as a messenger for his time and place, describes and defines The Soul in this context:


“As the highest or inmost part of us, the part that is nearest to the Lord – at the very core of our being. The animating force of life, then, flows directly into our soul through a direct connection with the Lord.” (Soul, Mind, and Body: The Soul)

“Our soul is above our mind, so it is always beyond our conscious awareness. Even if we were to become a celestial angel – one living in the highest level of heaven – we would never be conscious of our soul. You can see why this is so if you reflect for a moment. If we were aware of what was happening in our soul, we would feel life flowing in. Imagine what kind of sensation that would be! It would destroy the precious feeling we all have that we are independent beings. It seems to us that we live in and of ourselves. If we were conscious of our life force flowing in from the Lord, we would lose our sense of individuality. We would no longer think of ourselves as an image and likeness of God, but as nothing more than mechanical robots. It is not simply a matter of perception: without a sense of self, a sense of individuality, there would be nothing inside us to receive and hold life from the Lord. It would flow through us unchecked. The Lord would never permit that to happen.” (Soul, Mind, and Body: The Soul)

“[The Lord] cannot act on those who rid themselves of every faculty for receiving power. It is like saying that you refuse to learn anything unless it comes to you as revelation – Or like saying that you refuse to teach anything unless the words are put into your mouth – Or like refusing to try anything unless you can be propelled like an automaton. If this did happen, you would be still more resentful for feeling like an inanimate object. The reality is that what the Lord animates in us is that which seems to be ours. For instance, it is an eternal truth that life is not ours; but if it did not seem to be, we would have no life at all.” (Secrets of Heaven 1712:3)

“Because our soul is above and beyond our conscious reach, it is impossible to pervert it. Even the evil spirits who inhabit the lowest levels of hell – who, as Swedenborg declares, were once human beings who lived in this world – have that inmost spiritual organ, the human soul. Even with these evil spirits, their human soul is always in a state of order, which is to say that it is in alignment with the Lord and receives life from him. No one’s inmost soul can ever be perverted, because spiritual action always moves from higher to lower, and not the reverse. Nor is the soul ever taken away; it is always part of our being. So from a Swedenborgian perspective, no one can ever “sell their soul” or lose it through a bargain with some devil or evil spirit. The fact that we can never alter our soul in any way is one of the greatest benefits that the Lord has given us.” (Soul, Mind, and Body: The Soul)

“The faculty of freedom means freedom of choice, the ability to choose between good and evil. We can see this in a definitive passage from Deuteronomy, where Moses, speaking for the Lord, says: “I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you that I have set before you – life and death, blessing and cursing” (Deut. 30:19)

“In spiritual terms, “Life” means life in heaven, which is a blessing. “Death” means life in hell, which is a self-inflicted curse. That is the choice, and in Swedenborg’s writings we see clearly that through our motives and actions in this world, we are the ones who choose whether we will end up in heaven or in hell. But the Lord, with his infinite love, leaves no doubt about which is the better choice. He continues” “Therefore choose life, so that both you and your descendants may live.” We are making this choice every day of our life.” (Soul, Mind, and Body: The Soul)

“The faculty of rationality means the ability to see life in the perspective of eternity, that is, to see the ratio between life here and life hereafter. This is clearly not the same as the worldly view of rationality, which essentially means the ability to justify whatever we wish to believe and do, whether those beliefs are true or false, good or evil. The faculty of rationality, in Swedenborg’s terminology, means the ability to evaluate everything in life in a spiritual light.” (Soul, Mind, and Body: The Soul)

“Although these faculties are in our soul, we use them in our mind, which is where our consciousness resides. The kind of person we are is determined by the use we make of our innate faculties of freedom and rationality. That will become clearer later when we discuss in more detail the rational level of our mind. But the essential idea to remember here is that the ability to be free and rational resides in our soul, and not in our mind.” (Soul, Mind, and Body: The Soul)

“But if our soul is different from our mind, then what is the mind?” (Soul, Mind, and Body: The Soul)


Note: Emanuel Swedenborg’s calling and work had an incalculable influence on the American Revolution, the Constitution of the United States in 1776 and the formation, settlement and development of this country….

From the perspective of the Ego it remains a mystery to us because the Ego knows it not – it is the Ego that suffers the consequences of this ignorance – for if it were to know this it would self-destruct! Yet even the Ego has its Divine origin and for this – its created purpose. It is the essential component of our personal experience of God’s creation. In order to evolve ourselves within this purpose we are called to put the Ego – our ego – self that is … into its proper perspective in our minds. By doing this we are fulfilling its role and purpose in human creation.

The New Message must be tailored to what the Ego reflects of it as the self it conceives itself to be. In order to experience and receive Knowledge [Divine Love and Wisdom] we must realize that we “don’t know” what is there to be known. This is the first and most elementary step if we are to progress. Apart from realizing this – the ego can only be a temptation, a liability, a risk and a curse for ourselves and others.

 It is most wise to consider this. It is the ego that allows us to be here such as we are and to experience the adventure of this reality and what it means. Without the ego this process of learning for humanity could not exist – and so we should appreciate it as a gift – one that facilitates our journey through this life. It is the essence of our personal reality – the game player – the role – in this cosmic movie – it is our character in an evolving story of humanity as that story unfolds to us. Realizing this as the process of “self-realization” and by putting these parts together into the bigger picture is a first step on the path to enlightenment. To the degree that the New Message addresses this reality and demonstrates its applicability to this Divine process is its measure of significance. We must realize that the ego is only a tool in this process.

In our worldly reality the ego’s Divine role has been much maligned and abused – it has been profaned out of self-imagined interests and personal “egoic” gratifications. One can see the consequences of this misperception in the conditions that surround us – in our experience we see these demonstrated before us as our perceptions of the world today – such as it appears to us. To rid ourselves of the Ego is a pointless venture! We must come to understand what it is and what it is divinely created to be – and make use of it as a tool or vehicle for this “learning” purpose.

By way of this Divine purpose we are called to share the wisdom of our personal journey – share what we are learning for the benefit of others – for we are all part of the human family. I am here to observe, to experience and learn, and to understand to the best of my abilities. I keep a constant journal of my journey. I am called to facilitate this journey for others to follow – by leaving markers along the way as a guide through this worldly wilderness. I acknowledge all others who come to guide us as I know I could not possibly find my way alone or without all the messengers and teachers who precede us and “me” – past, present, and future. As long as their beacon of Divine revelation shines we can set our own course through the uncharted waters of these present times and we can be assured that we are not lost but will always find our way through.

This is what the New Message means to me. My life is my ship – and it is “on course” ever since “I” was born into this world! I continue to maintain my course as well as my desire to see and facilitate others through the treacherous and specious waters of our time and circumstances as this New Message and as it is received and applied for the benefit of others and all  human kind – it also marks my personal progress.

I will persist and continue on this course by embracing my calling as it is intuitively revealed to me. This is what I am about and what I am here to do. I am not confused about this! This is the “way” that is appropriate to me – who I am as a person and human being. It is because of this that Marshall’s [as the Messenger for the Allies of Humanity] “New Message” and the reality of the “Greater Community” resonates with me.




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